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Privacy Policy of Ketozin

Our company is committed to safeguarding your privacy online as well as maintains the privacy of your information. You can read below our usage of your personal information. This statement is the core part of our terms and conditions policy. Feel free to contact us if you have any sort of queries, questions or requests regarding our privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information

When you register with our website or enter any promotion, checking or un-checking our co-registration boxes, you grant us the right to use the collected information. We use this information for marketing purposes and it is not limited to sharing this information with third party advertisers. We might use your email address or postal address. We might use such information for feedback purposes, fulfill prizes or even for content improvement. It is our right to sell the personal information which you provide to use and we might have a joint venture with other businesses to bring selected retail. These businesses might include direct marketing services providers along with applications which includes reference and lookup. Suppression, validation, and data enhancement are also included.

The company also have a right whether to release current or past user information if we believe that the website is being used in any sort of violation of promotion rules. We can also release the current information in the event of unlawful acts, or the company is sold. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you hereby consent to the disclosure of any record to the third party when the company determines the disclosure to be appropriate.

We are free to share website usage information about our website who have received targeted promotional campaigns. We also have the right to provide group or aggregate data of our users for solely lawful purposes. Group or aggregate data is the one which describes characteristics, demographics or usage as a group. By subscribing to our website, you are allowing us to provide such data to third parties.
When you provide us with personal information, we will provide you access to review the information we have on file and changes or removal of such data is also available. If you want to remove from our records any sort of information you provided to use, it is your duty to please provide us with the information you submitted to us.

We ensure that we will make all the reasonable efforts to remove your information from our records.


We are using standard methods to protect your information from unauthorized access. Your information is stored in a secure location behind our firewall and we have restricted the employee’s access. We are using strong encryption technology which guarantee’s the security of our users. Encryption is a famous method which scrambles messages so that they can’t be read without having decryption keys. The length of the key tells everything about the amount of effort needed to decrypt the message. Any software who have over 40 bits key length is considered reasonably strong by the US government. Whereas our website is using the highest possible encryption standard available on the internet today which is 128-bit encryption. Users can easily submit their credit card numbers or other sorts of personal information with peace of mind that this website is safe and the information they are providing to us will not be intercepted or decrypted by anyone.

Our website is providing information related to fitness, health and medical information which is only for educational purpose. We are not involved in any sort of practice of medicine. The information provided to you on this website is not a substitute for the advice of your professional physician. They should not be treated as a medical diagnosis or any suggested course of treatment. Kindly review the terms and conditions carefully as ketozin and its suppliers limit their liability in the terms and conditions you agreed.

At times, to fulfill the Can-Spam act, we may need to provide private data to the marketing partners. This data is only provided to facilitate mailing list removal requirements only. We are dedicated to complete permission-based marketing and safeguarding your privacy online. This policy is also valid for those who have agreed to receive email marketing.

From where we collect your information

We gather information in many ways from different parts of the website. We track domain, host, as well as internet protocol address from the visitors. When you register to our promotions, some personally identifiable information is also gathered. Registration is required to participate in promotions. We might allow you to co-register with third party website services and promotions. During the registration process, we might ask your mailing address, phone numbers, and email address.
We use cookies to remind us who you are and get access to your registration preferences to deliver you the best-personalized service.

We also use cookies to estimate our audience size as each browser is accessing the website with a unique cookie. This information is called “clickstream”. We also measure certain traffic patterns about the areas you visit the company. These patterns help us differentiate the user’s habits from each other. This information helps us to create better content on our website.


Individuals who are not above 18 years are not allowed to avail any promotion offer on this website. We will not post or share any sort of information about visitors under 18 years of age. Parents should spend time with their children online to guide them and check their activities.

Acceptance of Policy

By using this website or entering any sort of information, you agree to our privacy policy. We have the right to change, modify or remove any sort of portion of this policy at any time. All the policies will take into effect immediately as soon as they are posted on the website. So, you should check this page on a regular basis to review the current policy.

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